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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Camille Hempel, I <3 You!

About a month ago, I damaged my silver-knuckle ring during a night of intense dancing in my living room with my gays. After stopping by Catbird, where I bought it, they suggested that I talk to Camille Hempel at her boutique on S. 2nd. She's the one who designs the couch necklace (above), which I'm sure you've seen around.

When I brought her the bent ring, Camille fixed it..... buffed it and made it look purdy, she did it all in less then 5 minutes, AND refused to charge me or accept a tip. It was so nice of her, I was super impressed by her kindness as well as her ridiculously stylish and unique pieces that she designs. When I win the lottery/when our economy stops collapsing, I plan on splurging on some of Camille's bling, especially the rose gold pieces - DANG!!!

Check her out... Stop by and say hello for me, or visit her site:

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