the good, the bad, the sheer

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I've been reaching the depths of my nerd phase over the past few weeks, which has involved me doing things like homework, reading, exercising, paying bills and not getting sexed. 

Tonight was another gem, in which I stayed in and watched my recorded episodes of "The States" on the History Channel. I think I might be obsessed...... each episode features four states (seemingly with no connection or logical order) and then gives a 11 minute-ish background to the state's history, cities, landmarks, etc. 

So DUH, what else would a 20-something in NYC want to do with her time but STAY IN AND WATCH!?!??! Naw, but seriously it's kind of amazing. If anyone wants to come over and hold hands and watch, I think we should do that. And possibly go to 2nd base.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

R. L. STINE'ing

I've been cultivating my penchant for finding the most hilarious and unecessary Wikipedia entries possible, mostly rooted in the pop culture of my childhood. That's how I ended up discovering R.L. Stine's  article, which is perhaps the most INCREDIBLE thing you will read in the next 49 minutes, especially if you were born after the year 1981.

The best part about the entry is certainly the bibliography section, which inventories all of his classics, from "Beware, The Snowman" to "The Horror at Camp Jellyjam." Quite a few of the books even have their own Wikipedia entries themselves - which provide plenty more laughs, and often seem as though they were written by overzealous pre-pubescent fans who can just barely contain their excitement. (Check out the mind-blowing prose utilized in the plot summary for "Go Eat Worms!").

Believe me, it will flood you will childhood memories and also disbelief that you read ALL of those damn books. Ahhh, R.L. How you remind us constantly of the adage that indeed, youth is wasted on the young. Next on the list: Christopher Pike. YUCK-CITY.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh Lindsay, how you've grown!

On my way to work this morning, I spotted a gigantic billboard for the new Lohan reality series, classing up the Hasidic/Hipster/Hispanic crossroads known as the Marcy Avenue J train stop. 

My eyes were immediately drawn, and I could barely drag myself away from the sight - mostly because of my complete confusion as to whether that is Lindsay getting her face made-up by her little (soon-to-be-a-trainwreck) sister Ali, or if that in fact is Dina Lohan herself. Either way, the billboard epitomizes the concept of airbrushing gone awry, to the point where a 14 year old can somehow look more aged then her Mom/Sister hybrid to the left.

I'm terrified already, but I can certainly admit that I'll be watching and probably TiVo'ing this show. Once I found out that Nana, the "Lohan family matriarch" and "voice of reason in the household" will be a regular character, whereas Lindsay will not, I fully realized the levels of sheer trash that will be achieved. 

LUVS it in advance.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Real World Brooklyn


Filming in Summer 2008,  to be aired in early 2009. 

Sweet Jesus, I can't wait to encounter these little sheerlings wandering down Bedford Ave, ending up at the same personality-less bar night after night for table dances (perhaps The Levee? Nah, probably Cyn Lounge - wtf is that shite), getting into fights on summer NYC nights that end with irritated NYPD officers' involvement, and make-out sessions with anonymous hipsters whose drunken faces will inevitably be blurred out due to lack of release forms. Maybe one of the cast members will make friends with a Boricua drug dealer and end up with a coke problem/intervention.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Oh my GAWD, Happy Motha's DAY

My mother is not from Lawng Izlaand, nor is she a man in a wig. 

However, these YouTube videos from comedian John Roberts (not to be confused with the Supreme Court Justice of the same name. But wouldn't that be sheer if they were the same guy!??!) are simply the perfect representations of that rare breed of maternal figure, the Nassau County Housewife..... I'm officially obsessed.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Doctah Dawg

Hey guys - 

my review for last night's Dr. Dog show is up on CHECK IT OUT HERE!!!!!

Eric took some awesome pictures, also.

Friday, May 2, 2008

DCTV event tonight!

My friends at DCTV are hosting an open house tonight, complete with free booze and a BBQ. If you are into independent filmmaking, grilled meat, and/or beer and wine, you should stop by. It's a glorious organization and their parties are always super duper excellent!