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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh Lindsay, how you've grown!

On my way to work this morning, I spotted a gigantic billboard for the new Lohan reality series, classing up the Hasidic/Hipster/Hispanic crossroads known as the Marcy Avenue J train stop. 

My eyes were immediately drawn, and I could barely drag myself away from the sight - mostly because of my complete confusion as to whether that is Lindsay getting her face made-up by her little (soon-to-be-a-trainwreck) sister Ali, or if that in fact is Dina Lohan herself. Either way, the billboard epitomizes the concept of airbrushing gone awry, to the point where a 14 year old can somehow look more aged then her Mom/Sister hybrid to the left.

I'm terrified already, but I can certainly admit that I'll be watching and probably TiVo'ing this show. Once I found out that Nana, the "Lohan family matriarch" and "voice of reason in the household" will be a regular character, whereas Lindsay will not, I fully realized the levels of sheer trash that will be achieved. 

LUVS it in advance.

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