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Thursday, May 22, 2008

R. L. STINE'ing

I've been cultivating my penchant for finding the most hilarious and unecessary Wikipedia entries possible, mostly rooted in the pop culture of my childhood. That's how I ended up discovering R.L. Stine's  article, which is perhaps the most INCREDIBLE thing you will read in the next 49 minutes, especially if you were born after the year 1981.

The best part about the entry is certainly the bibliography section, which inventories all of his classics, from "Beware, The Snowman" to "The Horror at Camp Jellyjam." Quite a few of the books even have their own Wikipedia entries themselves - which provide plenty more laughs, and often seem as though they were written by overzealous pre-pubescent fans who can just barely contain their excitement. (Check out the mind-blowing prose utilized in the plot summary for "Go Eat Worms!").

Believe me, it will flood you will childhood memories and also disbelief that you read ALL of those damn books. Ahhh, R.L. How you remind us constantly of the adage that indeed, youth is wasted on the young. Next on the list: Christopher Pike. YUCK-CITY.

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