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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I've been reaching the depths of my nerd phase over the past few weeks, which has involved me doing things like homework, reading, exercising, paying bills and not getting sexed. 

Tonight was another gem, in which I stayed in and watched my recorded episodes of "The States" on the History Channel. I think I might be obsessed...... each episode features four states (seemingly with no connection or logical order) and then gives a 11 minute-ish background to the state's history, cities, landmarks, etc. 

So DUH, what else would a 20-something in NYC want to do with her time but STAY IN AND WATCH!?!??! Naw, but seriously it's kind of amazing. If anyone wants to come over and hold hands and watch, I think we should do that. And possibly go to 2nd base.

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