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Friday, February 20, 2009

Artistic Fusion and Optimism at Cameo Gallery

Here's a blip from my latest article for The Greenpoint Gazette. You can read it in full here.

If New York’s art scene has been suffering amid recent economic gloom, it wasn’t evident on Thursday night at Cameo Gallery. The art space at 93 North 6th Street hosted a multi-faceted opening for their debut group show, with live music and bold art pieces that complement each other thoroughly.

Located in the rear space of The Lovin’ Cup Café, Cameo Gallery “seeks to articulate the intersection of art, music, food and company by bringing together a multitude of people and genres into one space.” The “white cube” storefront feel of most galleries is absent at Cameo, and has been replaced by black walls and the vibe of an intimate and hidden venue.

The layout compliments the artwork on display for the group exhibit, many of which incorporate bright colors and abstract shapes, or blazing black-and-white imagery.

Painter Carrie Elston’s neon sensibilities are palpable against the black walls of the space. The gallery asserts her craft as “pieces creating a three-dimensional psychological world that sits brashly on top of the smooth surface.” Elston said, adding that “the black walls are perfect for vibrant colors.”

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