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Monday, August 17, 2009

Donald Draper, Keep Your Dick Whitman in Your Pants

I hung out in Times Square last night in 80 degree heat, and I loved it! That's because I went to the screening for Mad Men's Season 3 premiere.

Free crappy fedoras (tagged "The Draper") were given out as cute cigarette girls dispensed candies and other in-charcter '60s models lurked in the crowd. I could have used some scotch, especially during the costume contest, but no matter. The highlight of the evening had to be when Bryan Batt (who plays super-duper closet gay Salvatore Romano on the series) pranced on stage, blazing drunk and ultra flaming in real life, and proclaimed his love for his family - as well as his excitement for the new episode. He promised outrageousness, and it was delivered (bell hop boy-whores are to flight attendent floosies as ..... you fill in the blank).

So yea, we are happy that the best TV show ever is back on. Can't wait for next week! I'll be watching from the safety of my couch, AC blasting, and a glass of Cutty Sark in my hand.

Also thank you to my awesome boyfriend for the picture above.

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