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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ultimate clusterf*ck of your life

I probably don't even need to ask you, because chances are that you were indeed at McCarren Pool on Sunday afternoon, or, er, at least standing outside of McCarren Pool in the drizzle and observing a bevy of hipsters, bridge and tunnel trash, and post-rehab Kiki Dunst wait in line for entrance to the MGMT/Black Moth Super Rainbow/Ting Tings show.

The pool parties are always a blast, and as long as you weren't being a wimp, this was no exception. What could be better then 10,000 drunk and rained-upon 20-somethings smoking soggy cigarettes and drinking $6 pints of flat beer? Answer: NOTHING!

To be honest, the sound was pretty bad - but that's probably just because there were a bazillion people talking the entire time, in a rainy, outdoor, cement pool. We didn't go so much for the music, as much as for the scene. Clustah-fuck 9,000!

(photos by Deb)

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