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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Million Dollar Sheerlings

Why does Bravo always have the best reality shows? It's getting ridiculous, I have to divide my time between Project Runway, Flipping Out, Shear Genius (a fave of sheerblog's for obvious reasons!), and now Million Dollar Listing.

The show revolves around three arrogant and plastic young lads based out of LA, who spend their days selling expensive homes and worrying about their appearances. They were clearly all beaten by their fathers AND bullied through school, and have now developed penchants for replacing their feeble personalities and withered souls with capitalism.

My favorite real estate man-boy has to be Josh Flagg, the 21 year old (no, not the mop-topped 30 year old who LOOKS 21, that's Chad!) drunken/stoned megalomaniac guy who enjoys selling his friends' houses after they die AND negotiating deals with his insanely nefarious looking cosmetic dentist. Josh Flagg also has a few other things going for him:

-his grandmother invented polyester or something, and she seems cooler then him
-he might be 36% gay, which is always a bonus
-he isn't Chad. 

And watch the show tonight, please? I couldn't bear to see this one cancelled. Not after the devastation of Sam Sparro canceling his concert. STILL not ok with that.

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