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Monday, November 10, 2008

another thing i want

Something is equally vile and awesome about this retainer necklace, and I kinda really want one. 

Debbie and I saw it at The Future Perfect on North 6th. Going to that store is sort of comparable to when guys go to strip clubs - you see something you desperately want, but it costs more money than it's probably worth, and anyway if you touch it someone will just pop out of nowhere and kick your ass. You just leave with a semi and no gratification. 

Or maybe it's more like a museum. Expensive Lladro statuettes and pillows that cost $400, and if you happen to slip and fall, then you will most certainly break something, and then you're fucked.

Debbie why did we go in there! *SIGH*

1 comment:

babyanthony said...

I have an authentic one of those. I could put it on a chain for you!