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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Enough, Already!

I hate to sound like a big wimp, but people in my neighborhood could really use a boost of good-naturedness. There's plenty of nice people in the world, but this week alone, within a 2 block radius of my apt:

-I fell, smacked my head on the sidewalk, and then had someone steal my iPhone (which had fallen out of my coat pocket). Now I have big, puss-filled gashes on my cheekbone and knees, and someone else has my phone with all of my emails and personal info. Hope you enjoy it ASSHOLE. I can't even imagine feeling like it's OK to take something like that and not want to return it to the proper owner. BLAHGH.

-In a way waaaaay more upsetting instance, my friend Savannah was MUGGED on Halloween night - in a taxi! A bleeding stab victim forced his way into the car she was in, and when she tried to get out, his attackers hit her several times (including on the head and face), and stole her wallet.
Again, I don't get it.


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