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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Twinjuries -- the Hazards of Twittering 24/7

I've just posted an article over on about the tragically pathetic injuries and errors that occur when people stop paying attention and start Twittering. Here's an excerpt:

From carpal tunnel to Wiinjuries, technology constantly finds insidious ways to cause users physical harm. Just yesterday a British man made headlines for suffering "the first Twinjury" -- 23-year-old PR man James Coleman slammed into a tree branch while jogging to work. Too absorbed with his Blackberry to notice the approaching obstruction, he ended up dazed and bruised on the sidewalk. "One minute I was running along posting a tweet, the next I was lying on my back on the pavement in agony," he said.

Get the entire article and list of fools here!

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