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Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Celebration of Tim Curry

Tim Curry is a true enigma, but I think he has the potential to make a completely badass and/or absurd comeback. He should start starring in Quentin Tarantino films and walking around with hot topless beefcakes on leashes. He should have seasonal parties at outrageous nightclubs where he screens his worst movies, such as "Congo." He should get into physical fights with douchey people like Sharon Stone and start publicity stunt catfights with people like J. Lo. He is at the point of his careeer where he could do all this and more, and people would sit and smile and cheer him on, fondly saying things like, "Oh yea, Tim Curry! I forgot about that guy." and "Who knew Tim Curry was so awesome?"

T.C. is the best. Seriously, what is going on with this man? Is he straight or gay? When is his next movie coming out? And is he embarrassed about this?

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