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Thursday, October 22, 2009

#JetMystery 2009

Kevin and I had the pleasure of going on Thrillist's JetMystery trip over the weekend, and hot damn, was that fun! 170 new media/social networky/freelance editorial/inter-nerd types hopped on a rowdy Jet Blue flight, spent the weekend at the Iberostar Hotel and got to drink A LOT. There were also awesome activities like a private party at Sandals (NY Mag summed up that one pretty well). Best of all, I got to represent the brand and simultaneously do my best Goldie Hawn in "Bird on a Wire" impression while dune buggying through Jamaican farmland.

Thank you to Jet Blue, Thrillist, Starbucks, the Cold-Eeze guy, Mark from Iberostar, my bosses for sending me on this trip, my liver for withstanding it, the Crush on Obama Girl, Flavie (best Dir. of Communications for any company, ever), and a bunch of other new friends we made.

Can't wait for the reunion!

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