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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Instead, she did what she always does: schlepped her two kids around Orlando, all elfin and inscrutable behind her reflective sunglasses, giving not the slightest indication of what on earth she could possibly be thinking." (

The Daily Beast whipped up an interesting commentary on Elin Nordegren's apparent non-action amid months+months of scandal. Ultimately, it's nobody's bid'ness what she does ... but I can't help but wonder why she chooses to not make a more clear-cut impression of herself as either a strong woman who is done+done, or a strong woman who is standing by her man and going the route of forgiveness. What's up with all the gas pumping and the lack of a solid public stance?

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Kasai REX (AKA Altered Beast AKA The Last Living Dinosaur of the Congo) said...

I can't help but think that she's had to deal with constant prodding from Tiger's people throughout the denouement that followed his weird apology press conference.

Sometimes, the best action is inaction. I think they literally told her, "If you wanna avoid character indictment of any sort, carry on like nothing happened and keep your mouth shut". The forgiving, "good wife" angle could alienate some women, and the strong-woman-discarding-her-philandering-husband angle could alienate some men.

In the judgment of Tiger's corporate masters, alienation of anyone (read: potential consumers) is a bad look, even if it is their product's wife we're talking about. That's just the way it goes I s'pose. God this society is perverse. I can't believe I'm still hungover.