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Monday, March 24, 2008

ATTN Deranged Folks - don't hurt babies and puppies! Kthnx

Like most other human beings, I have a particular fondness for all things harmless and fuzzy. Thus, I often find myself watching Animal Planet, in hopes of seeing endless footage of baby animals.
However, this evening (for the umpteenth time) I found the network to be running episodes of "Animal Cops," a show that is horrendously depressing. I see no reason why someone should be capable of watching an entire episode, let alone fathom the sort of abuse that is actually being documented.

I suppose there is an intended degree of vindication and relief felt by the viewer when the accused abusers are captured, but in all honesty, I don't feel any sort of relief. Watching a trembling and teary eyed, emaciated puppy get saved is nice and all - but you know there are about a trillion more out there that are still maltreated.

What's next, a reality show where they burst into the homes of abused children, rescue them, and then put the guardians on trial??? The whole abuse plot is so despicable, vile, and depressing..... how can anyone stomach this stuff for more then 8 minutes max?
Listen - I'm not hating on the officers who go in and rescue these helpless lil' guys. I'm just wondering who watches it? How do you deal?

I guess one man's The Hills is another man's Animal Cops. Yikes.


postskunk said...

When I went to Animal Cop school to get my Animal Control Officer license, each day the instructors would start talking about the ACO's on the various Animal cop dramas like they were rock stars because they had their own show. The also hated on them out of jealousy. It was super amusing.

-guy that comments to the point of being creepy

sheer! said...

Thank you Guy That Comments to the Point of Being Creepy.
You are sheer and we LOVE it!