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Monday, March 17, 2008

No, no really! $30 for a candle is totes reasonable!!!!

Today day I waltzed on in to Catbird (a.k.a. HEAVEN!!!!!), where I was on a true mission: to buy myself yet ANOTHER really expensive candle. Now I realize that many people may think it ridiculous to spend more then $30 on a candle, especially when you end up buying roughly one per month. 

In case you are too dumb or lazy to do the math, that adds up to about $350-$400 a year, on muthafuckin' candles.

HOWEVER, I would like to say that the Seda brand candles really make this indulgence worth it. They burn for days (literally, you can burn them for 60 hours or more, if you are into that kinda thing, which is probs a bit excessive). I know that as (A) a girl and (B) a dog owner and (C) a drunk who socially smokes in the apt and makes a wide array of other poor choices 
that having a nice-smelling apt is a really crucial thing. So anyway, whether you live in a cruddy loft with stinky roomates, or a tiny tenement with pets, or even if you live in a really fabu penthouse, buy yourself a Seda once in a while, because your nostril will thank you, and every boy that you bring home will think you are a genius and/or goddess and/or BOTH!

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