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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring's brink bands:

I think these groups will explode into a fiery abyss of popularity quite soon, so you should check them out... 

Google 'em, and buy their records. Add them on Myspace - it makes you look like you have more friends! Search them on the Hype Machine..... you won't be able to see them for $10 bucks at small bars/venues for very long.


1. Delta Spirit
2. Foals
3. These New Puritans
4. Fleet Foxes
5. Abigail Warchild
6. Beach House
7. Voom Blooms
8. She + Him
9. The Felice Brothers
10. My Pet Saddle
11. Shocking Pinks
12. Sea Wolf
13. Rosewood Thieves
14. Blood on the Wall


sheer! said...

YEAHZ YEAHS i'm leaving a comment to myself. But I'm realizing that perhaps Sea Wolf and/or Rosewood Thieves are maybe already big?

Just stirring up the discourse.

Cm'on Postskunk. I know I can count on a response from you!


postskunk said...

This one's over my head, I've only really been listening to trash these days. But I couldn't let my favorite Brooklynite down and leave nothing now could I.