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Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Real World houses..... (a.k.a. The Sheer World!! duurr)

I found this website which caters to the bored-and-nostalgic-for-late-90's-MTV-programming-on-a-Sunday afternoon -types.
I've always wondered about the cost of those houses on the Real World, as well as what happens to most of them after the drunken freaks move out and the pervo- Panopticon equipment is disassembled. Well, now you know!

oh oh oh AND they even totally divulge where the next RW house will be...... (cast #20!!! it's been 20 fucking seasons?? JESUS).
It's moments like this that make me wonder, wtf is the matter with me? It's a sunny day! In fact, it's Easter! I should get out there and take a walk. Search for some eggs and chocolate bunnies. 

But no, no. I've resigned myself to researching the most irrelevant Real World character of all time. And the honor goes to:


and someone got raped in the San Diego house! FYI.

sigh. OK. I'm stopping now, time to do my taxes and whatnot.